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Beady Beach Bum Bugle

August/September Issue

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Tutorials # 2

Basic Instructions for Spiral Rope with Fringe

Used in surfing mermaid bracelet

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Click on the above picture for more detail

Color of Delica beads used:

center #51 white ab outside #78 lt turqouise ab and clear ab #250 drop beads

This is a tremendous soft rope and is great to use in necklaces or bracelets alone or as a base for any other project. You could also use it along with a dutch spiral or other strap or on each side of a center piece. Short lengths make wonderfully soft earrings.

  1. Make your spiral rope chain following the basic directions given at Anne Hawley’s site in her classroom: Here is a direct link: http://rogue.northwest.com/~ahawley/spiralrope.htm

  2. Make your spiral rope chain the length you wish for either a necklace or a bracelet. Mine was 7 inches long for this bracelet. 
  3. or you can make an ankle bracelet
  4. You will then begin at one end and anchor thread. Insert needle in first set of 3 outer beads and pass it through. Add 5 seed beads then one accent bead and then 5 seed beads. (see diagram below). Insert needle right next to where your needle just came out into the second row of outer 3 beads. Pass it through these beads and again add 5 seed bead then one accent bead and 5 more seed beads. Again move over one outer row of 3 seed beads and continue this process.



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